About us

Who We Are And What We Do

Andrew Jackson Gardens pushes the boundaries of garden design offering unique solutions across a range of projects.

Covering all aspects of garden design, build, and maintenance, we strive to ensure our clients needs are met whilst using our knowledge to provide professional advice on materials and planting whilst complying with regulations and consideration of environmental impact in all our projects.

With over 17 years of Landscaping experience, Andrew and his team approach their work with compassion and commitment. Andrew has studied at the renowned ‘Capel Manor College’ allowing him to offer a professional design service to his clients. Andrew is an extremely personable character who is dedicated to ensuring the happiness of his clients.

Why choose us?​

Andrew Jackson Gardens is a full-service grounds care company. Our established systems allow us to deliver industry-leading lawn care and landscape solutions to commercial and residential clients. Built on a family tradition of caring, we are driven by a passion to exceed customer expectations and consistently deliver client satisfaction.

Our mission.

Our aim is to reflect as closely as possible the styling, decoration and colour palette of the client’s home so that there is a strong visual relationship between the inside and outside spaces. We regularly work closely with architects and interior designers to ensure that this is achieved.


We offer variety of maintenance packages tailored to suit the individual garden. Advice on which package to choose will be given upon completion of the work.

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